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KYIV International airport is closed

Due to the russian invasion, business activity at KYIV International Airport was stopped on 24.02.24. "RTM-Ukraine" Group of companies firmly believes in the victory of Ukraine. Therefore, we will continue to provide our services at the airport post the Ukrainian victory.

"Kyiv" International Sikorsky Airport 

Terminal "A"

Advertising of the Airport starts from the entrance to the Landside area, followed by the passenger according to the logic of its passage to the departure and arrival areas

Business aviation and Private Jets

Terminal "B"

The airport is located just 8 km from the center of the Ukraine capital which significantly saves the passenger's time spent for traveling in general

Domestic flights, arrival services

Terminal "D"

When you plan an advertising campaign at Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) count on the audience with income medium+, medium++ and more

Advertising in "Kyiv" International airport

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Printing — opaque FrontLit 510 g/m2


In front of the terminal of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) are installed billboards of large formats - 16х4 and 20х5 m.

Noticeable, striking, and effective advertising. Recall that the "RTM-Ukraine" is the exclusive operator of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

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Printing paper BackLit – 150 g/m2


Advertising construction of size 1,8x1,2 m installed in the alley at the entrance to the Landside area of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

This ad format is especially popular because of the inexpensive cost of manufacturing of advertising for it

"RTM-Ukraine" offers branding a whole line of advertising carriers and advertising on the individual carrier

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Printing — opaque FrontLit, 510 g/m2


From the square in front of the terminals A and D are visible the largest advertising carriers at the airport

Two wallscape on the facade of the terminal D (15,5x5,0 and 8,5x5,0 m) and the main banner 10х4 m on the façade of Terminal A (international flights)

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Printing — opaque FrontLit, 510 g/m2


16 columns along the facade of the Terminal A and 4 columns at the entrance to the terminal of business aviation B. Those are a complex of pillars on the territory of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

The column is equipped with special LED architectural lighting

Only leading brands with a strong image are considered for placement on this advertising format, which becomes part of the visual identity of the Airport

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Printing — opaque BlokOut banner, 380 g/m2


On the Central Avenue that leads to terminals A and D of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) there are carriers of type Holder

We offer the package of 24 advertising carriers

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Printing — opaque FrontLit from 410 g/m2


One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising carrier at Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). 
All carriers were produced, installed and are sold by exclusive operator of the airport Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine"

33 carriers of individual formats harmoniously fit into the interior of the airport terminals

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Printing — paper BackLit, 150 g / m2


There are 14 city-lights inside the terminals A and D. 
They are located along the paths of departing and arriving passengers including the so-called "clean" zones of the terminal where customs and passport control is. So the advertising on these carriers can't be unnoticed

Customers are also attracted by the low cost of printing of advertising posters for these carriers

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Circulation is 10 000 items 4 times per year


The magazine is very popular with passengers who not only spend time with it waiting for a flight at the airport but take it on the plane

Advertising on the covers and inside pages of the magazine, PR-texts, photos and other types of advertising placement for precisely defined target audience — passengers of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

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The total number of points for advertising is 30


Corporate magazines and press, advertising leaflets, coupons, flyers and any types of printing

Along the passengers' route in Terminal A of Kyiv International Airport are installed FSIs of "RTM-Ukraine" for advertising information and souvenirs

We offer you to leave your advertising materials for visitors of the business lounge in Terminal A and for VIP-clients in Terminal B (business aviation)

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Testing products and services


The results of the study of Nielsen on the order of Clear Channel Outdoor has shown that the audience of the airports are extremely positive about the opportunity to try products or services in the framework of the BTL shares

73% of passengers are interested in interaction with advertised products (especially from the sphere of electronics: laptops, tablets and smartphones)

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Unforgetable events in the Airport terminals and on the airfield


Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) has become a unique venue for events of any size — from press conferences to art exhibitions, corporate parties, fashion shows and cars test-drive

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From the mini-scene to the prestigious car


"RTM-Ukraine" provides quality BTL campaigns for the audience of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

Non-standard advertising also includes the branding of the surfaces (walls, floor, and friezes) and places for exposure

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Surface branding, etc.


For our clients we were branding quite a lot of surfaces in the Kyiv Airport
Walls, doors, oracle stickers on the floor or on the frieze and other kind of branded surfaces. Your fantasy is restricted only by safety rules

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39 modern digital 4K Panels of different formats


Digital panels are installed in 3 terminals of Kyiv Airport: "A" — International flights; "D" — domestic flights, and "B" — business aviation and private jets

DNP Airport advertisement follows passengers throughout their ways in the Airport for departure and arrival as well


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